Bukoba Municipal Council (BMC) is one of the eight local authorities in Kagera region. Other Local Authorities are Bukoba Districts, Missenyi, Karagwe, Muleba, Biharamulo, Kyerwa and Ngara.

Bukoba Municipal Council has a total area of 80 square kilometres whereby 22 sq.km of that area is covered by water and the remaining 58sq.km is land.

Bukoba Municipality is not only the administrative and commercial capital of Bukoba district and Kagera region as a whole, but is also a ‘gateway’ or linking town of Great Lakes countries of Uganda, Kenya, Rwanda and Burundi by virtue of its strategic location. Bukoba Municipality is among eighteen Municipal councils in the country which are categorized as secondary cities. Bukoba lies between latitudes 1o6’0” to 1o8’42” south of the equator and longitude 31o16’12” to 31o18’54” east of Greenwich. It is bordered by Lake Victoria on the east and Bukoba District Council on the south, west and north.

 Mr. Wallace Karia
Municipal Director